Being Prepared

In watching the US economy we are hearing more and more about a recession, economic collapse, higher oil prices, which are now at $103.00 a barrel, and other financial concerns for America. We have watched home sales and every industry related to them be hit hard from the mortgage crises. We hear daily news reports of Americans loosing their homes, higher gas prices, higher utility prices, corporate losses, a unstable stock market, and across the board America and Americans are struggling.

Meanwhile billions and billions are being spent overseas to fight terrorism and being pledged to others countries and we are seeing a split it the power of this nation in many forms of government. Unity within our government is not to be found.

We all have heard stories of the great depression, and maybe some recall it. Could that happen again? Yes, it could. But the question is are we making preparations for the just in case that does happen again or the economy hits rock bottom.

What if gasoline prices were to sky rocket due to further terrorism? In the last two years oil has gone from $55.00 a barrel to $103.00 per barrel. What if in the next 6 months oil hits $200.00 a barrel. Would and could that affect the trucking industry and could that affect each and every American?

What if weather patters continue to worsen and crops losses are high? What if there is another major attack against this country or we are further drawn into war with Iran or another nation? What if the economic corporate structure of this country were to worsen and jobs became harder to find than they already are and even worse, jobs ceased?

There are numerous things that could happen that could affect us all, and they could happen slowly or instantly.

The reason that I have posted this post is not to instill fear, but to share the fact that we should be prepared, and store up provision for the just in case. Daniel through a dream from God was positioned to be a part of storing provision for a coming drought in the land. Are we facing a coming drought in the land, a economic meltdown as some are predicting.

Everyday we use things. Yet picture those things not being available or not having the finances to purchase them. From food, to cleaning needs, to family medications and so on. From the least most important things to the everyday must have things. We all know what it's like to be out of toothpaste, toilet paper, and short on food. What if the house became bare of these things? How would we survive?

What of our children's needs? Would we be prepared? What of our relatives needs? Would we be able to help?

Do we not see the rise of the homeless right before our eye's? Do we not see and understand how fragile things have become, how they are balancing on a fine line?

Make provision for the just in case. Because the just in case could become reality.

Blessings, in Jesus
In His Glorious Name Ministries

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