Freedom In Christ

Depression is like a cancer. Once it sets in, it can overtake us and place us in bondage. Severe depression has a crippling effect. It steals and robs us of our joy and ability to experience happiness. Of course we could get into all the intense reasons and causes of depression. But enough of that.

I encourage those dealing with depression to enter into a place of prayer. What kind of prayer. Simply pray and talk to God. Tell him what you are experiencing and simply ask Him for help.

I encourage you to also find some praise and worship music that you like, listen to it and make it a part of your days. You see when we lift our voices up to God, give Him praise and worship Him. The Kingdom of God, meaning heaven, comes to earth. And when the Kingdom comes, depression leaves.

Blessings, in the love of Christ
In His Glorious Name Ministries Online

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