The Mayan Calendar, Predictions, the Year 2016, The Day the World Retreated by Jim Armstrong

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Release Date; July 10th, 2012

Christian author, Jim Armstrong, releases his first sci-fi fiction thriller novel.

What if predictions based on the Mayan calendar are wrong, and the world continues on its current path after December 2012? This is the question posed by the author as he unveils the world in the year 2016; a world characterized by unbridled violence. Riots and murder are the norms for human interaction and martial law is the norm for American society.

Governments struggle to maintain green zones of security, but government offers no more hope for the near future than in the present day. The author presents a story whose thesis is that true hope comes through faith, and this hope begins with a French doctor in the year 1894. The doctor has the unique gift - or perhaps curse - to intermittently live another life in a different time. Is it time travel, teleportation, or simply mental delusion? The doctor does not know and eventually he does not care as the desire for this alternate life becomes overwhelming.

Over the shifting sands of time, his experience eventually influences the lives of four individuals who become actors in a grand design that reaches its climax on the fateful New Year's Eve of Dec. 31, 2016. An act of Divine inspiration in one person's life sparks a series of events destined to transform the entire planet.

Each page is filled with intrigue as the author explores the inner being of each character in great depth. Filled with unexpected twists and turns, the surprise ending is not revealed until the final paragraphs of the Epilogue. This story is highly recommended for a long trip or a weekend read.

Jim Armstrong is a native Texan who spent most of his life in Dallas. He enjoys writing futuristic thrillers that inspire readers with Biblical lessons presented in a fictional setting. His hope is to encourage readers that anything is possible through faith in God, regardless of our current life situation.

For further information about the author visit Author Jim Armstrong's website. You may also get your copy of The Day the World Retreated on Amazon and other find online bookstores.

A Christian Book Marketing Author Press Release


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